How to desalt Jerked beef Cambuí

Frigorífico Cambuí

On the eve: Let Jerked Beef Cambuí soaked in a bowl with a little water from one day to another;

In Time: Place the Jerked Beef Cambuí to boil. When boiling start place 01 spoon (soup) of salt for each kilo of Jerked Beef.
Boil for 10 minutes, then drain the water and ready;

Another Option: To prepare a quickly dish, boil the Jerked Beef Cambuí twice for 10 minutes placing in the water 02 tablespoons (soup) of sugar for every half kilo of Jerked Beef;

In Pressure Cooker: Cooking time we showed above should be appointed after the pan signal, with his wheezing characteristic, the beginning of the boil.


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